Management Board

The Management Board of the Bucharest Transport Company STB SA, appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders through Act no. 7/26.05.2023 :

1 Paul Cristian Moldovan [CV] [CTR MDT]
2 Andreea Moldoveanu [CV] [CTR MDT]
3 Bogdan Damian [CV] [CTR MDT]
4 Andrei Dinculescu-Bighea [CV] [CTR MDT]
5 Dan-Ștefan Meran [CV] [CTR MDT]
6 Mihai Teodorescu [CV] [CTR MDT]
7 Lucian-Ovidiu Heiuș Representative from the Ministry of Finance [CV] [CTR MDT]

Tel: 021.307.4126