Bucharest City Tour line

Temporary suspended service

This tourist line is operated (during spring and summer time) by four double deck buses with a capacity of 77 seats, which travel on the route: Piaţa Presei, Muzeul Satului, Arcul de Triumf, Piaţa Victoriei, Calea Victoriei, Palatul Parlamentului, Piaţa Unirii, Universitate, Piaţa Romană, Piaţa Victoriei, Piaţa Charles de Gaulle, Şos. Kiseleff and Piaţa Presei.

Station name Road Tourist spots
1 Piaţa Presei Bd. Mărăşti Parcul Herăstrău,
Casa Presei
2 Muzeul Satului Sos. Kiseleff Muzeul Satului
3 Arcul de Triumf Sos. Kiseleff Arcul de Triumf,
Parcul Herăstrău
4 Piaţa Victoriei Sos. Kiseleff Muzeul Tăranului Român,
Muzeul de Geologie,
Muzeul Grigore Antipa,
Muzeul Taranului Roman,
Palatul Victoria
5 Piaţa Revoluţiei Calea Victoriei Ateneul Român,
Muzeul Naţional de Artă,
Biblioteca Universitară Centrală,
Biserica Kreţulescu,
Palatul Telefoanelor,
Parcul Cişmigiu,
Cercul Militar Naţional
6 CEC Calea Victoriei Palatul CEC,
Muzeul National de Istorie,
Biserica Stavropoleos
7 Palatul Parlamentului Bd. Libertatii Palatul Parlamentului,
Muzeul Naţional de Artă Contemporană
8 Piaţa Unirii Rond Piaţa Unirii Catedrala Patriarhială,
Hanul lui Manuc,
Curtea Veche,
Centrul Vechi
9 Universitate Bd. I.C. Brătianu Muzeul Municipiului Bucureşti,
Spitalul Colţea,
Teatrul Naţional Bucureşti
10 Piaţa Romană Piaţa Romană Muzeul Literaturii,
Academia de Studii Economice
11 Piaţa Victoriei Bd. Lascăr Catargiu Palatul Victoria,
Muzeul Grigore Antipa
12 Piaţa Charles de Gaulle Bd. Aviatorilor Parcul Herăstrău
13 Parcul Regele Mihai I Sos. Kiseleff Arcul de Triumf
14 Muzeul Satului Sos. Kiseleff Muzeul Satului

Transportation fares for this line, depending on age group, are: 25 lei/ticket for adults and 10 lei for children between 7 and 14 years old. Children younger than 7, accompanied by adults, will travel for free. The transportation card can be purchased in the bus.

Being able to use the transportation card throughout the whole day gives one the opportunity to be flexible in choosing one’s program and interest.

Starting this year, Bucharest City Tour project benefits from an integrated concept regarding operation and promotion. Taking into consideration the special nature of this line, we offer the tourists, besides transportation services, information about leisure opportunities in Bucharest, which are contained in the information material we provide.

The detailed Bucharest City Tour map, with a new and attractive design, offers, besides general information regarding the tour and how the line operates (schedule, prices, stations), information about leisure opportunities in Bucharest. Location of partners of clubs-bars-restaurants category are marked on the map with different symbols in order to point them out for tourists. The map is available, for free, at hotel receptions, at our centers for issuing and reloading cards within STB sales network, at tourist information centers, at the airport and at the main railway stations in Bucharest.

Bucharest City Tour flyers, which contain general information about the tourist line in two languages, can be found at the partner hotels (marked in the blue section on the Bucharest City Tour map) and at the hotels which offer vouchers for this line as well as at our centers for issuing and reloading cards within STB sales network, at tourist information centers, at the airport and at the main railway stations in Bucharest.

The vouchers provided by our company to the partner hotels can be used by the tourist who checked in at a hotel in Bucharest in order to travel with the double decker buses without purchasing a transportation card when boarding.

In return for this vouchers that can be purchased at the receptions of partner hotels, included in the accommodation price, the tourist gets the transportation card for the tourist route.

The double-decker buses provide audio guides in Romanian, English and French languages and shortly, an Italian language audio guide will be available. The 14 stations on the tourist route offer a new, more attractive presentation because the displays on the station poles have been redesigned and contain printed information material.

Here one can see the tourist route.